Information about Apps Like Dave

App Name:Apps Like Dave
Amount of money:$25 - $100000
Interest Rate:0% - 16,2%/Year
Operating system::APK, IOS, Pc
Address:1527 Pond Reef Rd, Ketchikan, Alaska 99901, USA

Are you under financial pressure but unable to borrow from a bank? Do you want to borrow quickly from home without having to meet in person? Come to the Apps Like Dave app, where you can get credit with just an ID card.

About Apps Like Dave

We have been on the financial market for a few years now, but the app's reputation is widely known for its credibility and reliability. It is an online lending app that allows monthly installment payments. The registration process is simple and fast. The money will automatically be deposited into your bank account, and the disbursement rate is extremely high.

Customers only need to provide identity information through their ID cards without the need for in-person meetings. This is very convenient for busy groups. With just an Android or IOS smartphone with an internet connection, you can borrow anytime, anywhere.

Loan conditions here

  • Apps Like Dave creates loan conditions online for customers aged 18 and over and not exceeding 60 years old.
  • When borrowing money, customers need to provide information about their ID card or US passport.
  • Customers must have a bank account number with the account owner's name being their name.
  • In addition, to register an account on the app, customers need a phone number.

Advantages of our loan service

  • Easy and simple loan conditions and procedures: Among the current online lending apps, Apps Like Dave confidently offers the most reliable and high-quality services. The registration process is not too strict.
  • Automatic loan approval: With modern technology, loan applications are automatically approved 100%.
  • Quick disbursement speed: All system operation processes are automatic. Therefore, customers will be disbursed super quickly in just 30 seconds.
  • Allows borrowing nationwide: You only need to have US citizenship, work and live within the country to borrow money.
  • Borrow with low-interest rates: The first-time loan registration at the company is interest-free. From the second time onwards, interest is calculated, but the interest rate is extremely low, at 16.2% per year.
  • The loan amount is limited from $25 to $100,000. The loan term is from 10 days to 90 days (3 months).

Verification of Information

Recently, some websites and forums have spread rumors that Apps Like Dave is a scam. Although it is not known whether this is true or false, it has affected the psychology of customers to some extent. Apps Like Dave does not scam users, and all information is fabricated. Currently, there are many service providers on the market that offer loan services. This is a competitive strategy to attract customers from competitors to reduce the credibility of the company.

The number of app downloads is increasing day by day, which is evidence of the success and trust of customers in the company. Moreover, the app is constantly improving and upgrading to meet customer needs. It is asserted that the app is second to none and is a leading loan service. The information about the scam is unfounded and completely untrue.

What happens if you can't repay the loan?

If a customer has registered for a loan on the app but is unable to repay it, or even intends to "swallow debt," they will have to face the consequences as specified. Therefore, when registering loan information, the system also requires users to provide information about their profession and income level.

  • Late payment penalties as stipulated in the loan agreement.
  • Sending debt repayment notices to the address of your home or business where you are working.

Can you borrow money through the app if you have bad debts?

One of the advantages that makes the app popular is the policy on bad debts. Unlike banks, Apps Like Dave is not too strict in lending, and any individual is supported to borrow quickly. Even if you have bad debts or overdue debts at the bank, the app still allows you to borrow.